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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

* * * EXPO-PER-TUTTI * * *

Clown Bonifacio singing with children during the openning of the exhibition!
Amazing Exhibition of the theatrical collection by
Cartianu, from
Troupe Per Tutti, took place at a museum of Campinas-SP this week.

Together with an exhibition of music for children - disks and histories, the Exhibition Per Tutti has presented the circus´universe, including traditional clown types and a baroque costume, made for circus presentations.
Last 7 and 8 october 2008, the Museum of I
mage and Sound, Campinas, has received the first exhibition of Troupe Per Tutti´s unique collection, after an invitation from Claudia Beraldo, to participate in her exhibition of Children´s Music and Rare Records and Books!

The baroque costume, from a dessign from beginning of XVIII century.
The Per Tutti´s collection includes original theatrical costumes dessigned and produced by Alexandre Cartianu, props, antiques, curiosities and music from the presentations.

The two traditional clown types: the white face´s clown and the auguste

The second Per Tutti´s exhibition is, now, being concepted for soon. Probably, clown Bonifacio will be present again, after the huge success that his peculiar figure made at the Museum, among children and adults!

Props from the presentations, including the curious flex-a-tone, invented by the clowns of Fratellini Circus Family...


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